Reading Books

Some children love toys,
Most children love books,
Why? We ask.
The answer is
LOVE FOR BOOKS start at an early age.
Malachi and Kayla Jay are reading their new story book, THE PRINCESS AND THE CROW. They are the grandchildren of Rekha and Jam Dookna ,who live in Stratford, London. Their grandparents were born in Mauritius Island. They later settled in England ,where their father was born. They have not travelled to Mauritius or to any other part of the world yet. They are discovering an island surrounded by the sea for the first time. They discover that children who live on an island under the sun have darker skin, that the birds, flowers and fruits are different in a tropical country.
Reading story books and fairy-tale stories help children discover the wonders of the world; it helps their imagination broaden and their knowledge flow.
A child with a toy dreams;
A child with a book travels.