Our first book review is from MARIE FRANCE ROUSSETY, President of the English-Speaking Union Mauritius.

She is also Ex Minister of Women and Child Development and ex Ambassador of Mauritius in Australia.



A Review

ANITA BACHA comes back to us with a story in prose for children and her favourite set-up is again an island.

She paints the beauty of nature, its radiant colours, its tropical fruits and flowers, the beach and the sea.

This time her heroine is a Princess of this island and her best friends is the birds.

She is full of pity for this wounded one-eyed bird that falls on her lap one day. She nurses him and feeds him.

Her reward is to see the bird transformed into a handsome Prince who asks her to marry him.

The morale of the story is to teach to our young ones the true meaning of love- to let go not to possess.

To allow our partner to grow, not to keep him egoistically to oneself.

Marie France Roussety

Madame Roussety is the reviewer of my poetry book ‘INK’ too.